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Art Direction

Visions for Projects Big & Small

2016 - Current

Coachella Art Studios @ Coachella Fest

Project: Coachella Art Studios

Location: Coachella Fest (aka Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival in Indio,CA)

Client: Goldenvoice


About:  For the past 11 years I have been leading the art direction of my biggest project, the Coachella Art Studios. It is an interactive art installation located in the campgrounds of the Coachella Music Festival. Not only are we an arts and crafts tent, but there is also a lot of thought and hard work that goes into the design, the colors, the flow and the function of this 50ft x 100ft tent (started as a 10x10 pop-up and has evolved over the years). Within less than a week my (amazing) team and I completely transform the space.

My vision for the Art Studios is to always create an inviting, safe space where everyone feels welcomed and relax to engage in art and experiment creatively. Based on who I have on my team each year, we add many crafty elements as the cherry on top. 

A tremendous thank you to Paul Clemente for giving me the power of owning up to and orchestrating my own art direction in the Art Studios.

SELECT House at Splash House

Project: Select House

Location: Splash House Music Festival in Palm Springs, CA

Client: CUSP Agency


About:  This past year I was asked by CUSP Agency to reinvent the VIP Suite at Splash House that is hosted by SELECT CBD. The mission was to redecorate the suite of the Riviera Hotel. 

My vision for the VIP suite was to promote Select's new products that were all based around color and flavors. I decided to go with the plan to decorate each room in their colors with styled elements that referenced each of their new flavors. 

I also curated the pick-up stations for Eaze. I made sure they were in align with Splash House's art direction.

A big thank you to Gopi Sangha for trusting my process and to my team who helped me see the vision through in over 100 degree weather!

19th Hole Block Party for City of La Quinta

Project: 19th Hole Block Party

Location: City of La Quinta

Client: City of La Quinta


About: 19th Hole Block Party is the City of La Quinta's annual event held in Old Town La Quinta. On top of booking all the musical talent, I also helped to promote the event and went with a theme of "different people from different blocks of color."

Thank you to filmmaker, Hoopla, for making this happen and to all the community members who came through to participate.

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