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Large Scale Felt Works

from entire rooms to window fronts

2015 - Current

"Felt Happy"

Project: Felt Happy

Location: Palm Springs Art Museum - Palm Desert

About: When the museum staff came to me with the problem of, "how can we better utilize this space in the museum?" I, of course, suggested, "why don't we just make this a felted room from floor to ceiling and let people just go crazy in here?"They were up for it.

We wrapped every wall, floor, ceiling, and all furniture in felt. We made the experience interactive by offering cut-outs of felt pieces for people to add to the walls and furniture.

This activated the space in so many ways; it opened up the imagination for kids and adults and also became a destination for many millennials to take Instagram photos. 

This was my first large-scale wrapping of an entire room in felt. I hope to do more in the future.

"Neon Tropical"

Project: Neon Tropical

Location: Aroi Mak Mak in Redlands, CA + The Riviera Hotel, Palm Springs, CA + El Mirasol Restaurante, Palm Springs, CA

About: I came up with the concept to have felted neon leaves for a VIP Guest House at Splash House for Select CBD. These colors were chosen based off their most recent product campaign. The tropical leaves reminded me of relaxation and vacation, perfect fit for the Splash House festival.

The felted leaves have 3 layers to them: front layer is hand painted with white paint to 'draw' on the leaf shape, the middle layer has wiring throughout the leaves (much like spins in a real leaf) so we could create movement, and the back layer is also made of felt and used as a way to hide the wiring in the middle.

These felted leaves went on to be featured in a Thai restaurant in Redlands, CA and now are currently hanging in an empty storefront in Palm Springs, located near El Mirasol Restaurant in Palm Springs, CA.

"Felted Faces"

Project: Felted Faces

Location: at FYF Festival in Los Angeles for VANS, later featured at AMP 

About: These felted banners, which hang at approximately 8ft heigh by 6ft wide, were created for VANS as decor inside my interactive craft installation at FYF Fest in 2016. We chose to honor the musicians who had passed away that year by created memorabilia art.

The felted banners are made from 100% felt , with additional material fabrics for accents. They are two layers, the back side are black & white checkers, for VANS. Constructed with hot glue (not sewn).

These are absolutely beautiful in person. I have also hung them at a local art non-profit organization's headquarters in Indio, CA and The Artlands art gallery in Redlands, CA.

Created with members of The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

"TV Testing" & FYF Signs