Art Experiences


2009 - 2020

One of my all-time favorite ways of connecting with the public is through hosting pop-up arts and crafts tables. I set all my materials on the table and ask people to join me in creating whatever they would like. I do not tell them how to make anything, I only guide them if requested.

The first one I ever did was in 2009 at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs during a dance party. I love hosting craft pop-ups so much that I have continued to do them ever since. It's an amazing and gratifying feeling to be able to make art with people when they least expect it.

What I once just thought of as "fun", has really turned into a deeper meaning for me as I find it to be very therapeutic for others. It is truly my honor to serve the people in the best way I know how... arts and crafts.

I have hosted pop-up arts and crafts at hundred of events, here are just a few to list:

Ace Hotel Palm Springs, Coachella Fest, Stagecoach, FYF Fest, Camp Flog Gnaw, Arroyo seco Festival, Palm Springs Unified School District, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs, the Pavillion Los Angeles, Cyclavia Los Angeles, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Rancho Mirage art Festival, Westfield Shopping Center, College of the Desert, University of California, Riverside in Palm Desert and many more..

*info coming soon*

Project: Arts + Craft Pop-Ups

Location: currently on a monthly basis at Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs, 2020

Client: Sydell Group


About: I have hosted craft events all over the place, however I currently host a monthly craft night at the Saguaro Hotel. I set up a room full of art supplies and let hotel guests and locals come and create whatever they'd like with however much art supplies they'd like.

Thank your to Erin Weinstock for making this program possible!

Project: The Joy of Jello

Location: Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs

Client: Sydell Group for Modernism Week in Palm Springs, CA


About: I worked with Erin Weinstock to conceptualize a Modernism Week event for the saguaro Hotel that celebrated a food from the 1950's...jello. I made the event a fun and entertaining experience with the help of my friend, Madelon Colasuonno.

We had a sell-out show and the best time ever. The jello dishes weren't bad either.

Thank your to Erin Weinstock for making this program possible!