Coachella Art Studios

at Coachella Fest

2009 - Current

I have been honored to be the Founder and Producer to the Coachella Art Studios at the world famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (aka Coachella Fest) for the past 11 years. What once started out as two 10x10 tents and volunteers, has now evolved into a 5,000sq ft place with a paid staff of over 30 people. 

The Coachella Art Studios is a safe, creative space located in the campground section of the music festival. We are an art-topia for campers to escape to pre & post the festival. Inside our tent is where one can explore all kinds of different art supplies, projects, materials and forms of creativity - for FREE. Whatever you create, you take.

This is not only where creativity is expressed, but also where friendships start. Here is where people at the festival can actually meet other people and engage in meaningful conversation over art making. My approach to the way we conduct these art-making practices and our atmosphere is often referred to as therapeutic.

As the Producer of the Art Studios tent my duties are as followed:

  • Manage a $50,000+ budget

  • Staff over 30 people

    • Coordinate all roles, working, sleeping and eating arrangements​

  • Curate, purchase and organize all art materials for projects

    • We purchase enough art materials for thousands of people to work with over the course of 6 days (4 hours at a time). ​

  • Curate and Lead Designer to the Layout and Design of the Art Tent

    • One of my favorite tasks to do: Design and build the tent!​

      • The Art Department has let me have creative control on the aesthetic of the Art Studios since Day 1. Over the years we have watched the Art Studios evolved.

      • Responsible for the vision, theme and concept every year

      • Designing all furniture (Art Department builds it)

      • Choosing colors and painting the 5,000sq ft space 

      • Engineering the "flow" and function of the tent

      • Interior Designs and activation spaces

      • DJ Booth design and function

  • Manage all business aspects of running the Art Studios

    • I am the lead point person and business coordinator for the Art Studios​

      • I am responsible for the staff, for their safety and their payments​

      • Before and after the festival I store and organize the Art Studios materials all year long so that we do not waste art material.

  • We have also been featured at the following Goldenvoice festivals:

    • Coachella Fest​

    • Desert Trip

    • Camp Flog Gnaw

    • FYF Festival

    • Phish Festival

    • Arroyo Seco

    • SS Coachella

I have a fantastic team that helps me in every aspect of making this happen. It is with their talent and dedication (majority of my staff have been on my team for 8+ years!) that we have been able to be at the festival for so many years. I take a lot of pride in having such an outstanding team to work with.

However, the Art Studios would not be possible without Paul Clemente (Coachella Art Director), who has believed in our mission since Day 1. Without his support and co-sign, we simply wouldn't be here. Also, an honorable mention to Chad Holden who is my favorite accountant ever.

Over the past 11 years we have evolved the design and layout of our space quite drastically.

For instance, only in the past 3 years have we even had a wooden floor to work with.

One of the 'Artistic Challenges' that we have is not just deisgning the space to look "cool" but also making it functional for thousands of people to make art in short amounts of time. 

These are a few photos shared of the Art Studios in it's most recent years.

More photos can be found on our Facebook page. 

It has taken many years of trail and error to figure out the best kinds of crafts for this specific type of setting.


Click through these photos to find art projects themed around: Paper, Fashion, Tech, Jewelry, Aromatherapy, Illustration and more

A picture says a thousand words, but videos can say so much more. 

I try to have video documentation of the Art Studios, in all it's many formations and features.

Enjoy the video and find more on Youtube by searching "Coachella Art Studios"