“Sarah is within the roots of Desert X and the desire to do something bigger and creative here in the desert,” says Phillip K. Smith III, one of 16 internationally renowned artists chosen to participate in the exhibition. “She definitely put the Coachella Valley on the map – in particular: a real, sincere, from-the-streets way that people were starting to look at and recognize that there is stuff going on here.”


"When desert native Sarah Scheideman returned home in 2008 after graduating from the University of California, Riverside, she launched a blog to give some exposure to the local art scene.

“It started as just a hobby. At that time, I felt like no business wanted anything to do with the millennial generation. But as I saw it, we are obviously the future. I thought, if no one’s going to cultivate anything for us, I’m just going to do it myself,” she recalls of the birth of her site, CV Arts Scene. “Only my family was reading it, or so I thought.”

Her family and Goldenvoice, apparently. Six months into writing about emerging artists on the blog, Scheideman received an email from the festival producer asking if she’d like to help expand the artscape at Coachella...."


"When Sarah Scheideman graduated from college and returned to the Coachella Valley, she sought — but never found — a source for news and information about local art and music events in the area.

So she started the Coachella Valley Art Scene, and five years later, the website and blog has expanded its coverage, opened a storefront art gallery, and seen its signature event, the monthly World Famous dance party, has become a local favorite.

With about 10,000 monthly blog readers, 10,000 “likes” on Facebook, and 5,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, the grassroots arts hub has become the go-to destination for information about film screenings, art exhibitions, yoga, live music, and festivals, as well as a champion of local talent. Scheideman updates the site and blog daily..."


When you look around the field at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this year, you may notice a bunch of glowing lights. 

You can get one, too – if you're crafty.

All you have to do is step inside the all-new Color Cubix boxes at Coachella Art Studios, the festival's DIY craft tent located at the camping center in Lot 8.

These color-themed "creative pods" will be lighted with filtered rope, and filled with Mylar and upcycled materials from local thrift stores. Inside, you will learn how to activate an LED light by taping it to a tiny battery, which can then be pinned to your clothes or shoes, and worn into the festival. 

"It's this little light that you can only get within these two cubes," explains local artist Sarah Scheideman, who has organized the studios for Goldenvoice for the last 10 years. "If you're out on the field [and] you see someone else with it, you're like, 'We're in the same club.' "


"Sarah Scheideman prefers being the wizard behind the curtain. “I don’t like being in front of the camera too much.” Her reserved attitude is righteous given the pulpit she has created for artists to flourish as part of the Coachella Valley Art Scene. “I can best describe my career path as one that is unique, creative and passion-driven. When I was 25 years old I found a void in my community that I wanted to see fulfilled. So, I started an arts and culture blog that has served as a platform for emerging artists in the Coachella Valley..."


"The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival's campgrounds add more amenities every year. In 2016, they include a laundromat, a salon and barber shop, vintage shopping and arcade games. (And this isn't even VIP camping!)

For almost a decade, though, one constant has been an arts and crafts space created by the Coachella Valley Art Scene, a local nonprofit that supports desert artists and community arts programs..."


"As the founder of the Coachella Art Studios, the Palm Springs resident has turned a corner of the campground, away from the buzzed about ..."


"Sarah Scheideman, at 30 a young but major influence in the area's art happenings, recently opened a gallery in Cathedral City and runs the popular blog The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

"Three of these last artists that we featured, they all grew up in the Coachella Valley," Scheideman said. "They went to Otis school of art, and then they recently returned because they saw more opportunity out here to get involved in the art community..."


"Artist relations manager Lisa Hasko, who began the local youth art tours of Coachella, with Sara Schniedeman, creator of Coachella Valley Art Scene, proposed to Coachella organizer Goldenvoice that the event get together with local high school students for an art tour of the event between the two weekends of the festival. 

Sarah then connected Goldenvoice with Raices Culturas, a youth arts nonprofit in Indio. Last year, the kids from Raices proposed to make their own installation here, and 2014 is the groups second year of creating a colorful backdrop for concertgoer photos. Paraiso was designed and painted entirely by the students, with lighting done by one of their teachers..."


"  Sarah Scheideman always knew she was going to college, but had no clear career path in mind. Following graduation from Desert Hot Springs High School, she enrolled at College of the Desert (COD) hoping to find direction. 



A series of art classes at the College ignited Sarah's passion for art and opened the door to her future as an artist, writer and entrepreneur.

"Those art classes helped me realize where I wanted to focus my life,” Sarah says. 


“In our sophomore show, with this new collection of art and a fresh mind set, we hope to bring color and change into the scene and community in which we’ve grown new roots,” states the CVAS website.

This group art show features artwork from several artists, some of them include: Sean Tully, Aaron Hansen, Justin Hager, Kylie Knight and many more. Several items such as necklaces, t-shirts and, of course, the artwork itself are available for purchase...."


"Get your creative juices flowing at the improved art studios located in the campgrounds. According to Coachella, you can "chop and screw new fashion accessories, press your own pin, upcycle bike inner tubes and/or make an Instaprint to take back home..."


"The musical lineup is the same for both trips and, as of this post, includes Pulp, Hot Chip, Yeasayer, Sleigh Bells, !!! (that is the name of a band, not a typo), and Cloud Nothings among others. If that isn’t enough, guests can learn how to DJ from the pros and get a chance to try it themselves; sample wines with DJ James Murphy; or do arts and crafts at the Coachella Art Studios. The cruise is also promising "additional planned activities and surprises."


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